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DIY Farmhouse Table – Refurbish your Table!

I’ve wanted to paint this table for a long time, so I decided to turn it into a farmhouse table. It was in our kitchen at our old house, and it didn’t fit in then. Our old house was gray and modern, with dark hardwood floors and a white kitchen. And there was this table, a wheat or golden oak color, sticking out like a sore thumb. 

Now it’s here, staring at me at our new house, and it still doesn’t match. Our new house is filled with dark wood. Everything is dark brown. The cabinets are dark wood and even the curtains that came with the house are dark brown. (It’s a law in Minnesota to leave your curtains behind for your buyer.) Brown, brown, brown. It’s not my first choice of color schemes, but it’s still nice. It has been a mission of mine to brighten up some of the spaces in the house by bringing in some white pieces.

I still wanted this table to match, so I decided to stain the top darker to go with the house, and paint the rest of the table white.

All it took was some stain, white paint, brushes, and a sanding block. I sanded the whole table first, then I stained the top. The stain needed to two coats. Then I painted the rest of the table with three coats of white paint. I used a semi-gloss for the white paint.

I’m pleased with how it came out, but as this was my first time sanding and painting a table, I would have made some changes.

  • Get the right sanding grit or splurge on sanding tools. The finish on the table was really thick, so it was difficult to get down to the wood and it would have came out a little nicer if I used a lower grit to sand with. 
  • I would have chosen a darker stain. The stain is a little darker than the original color of the table, but I was picturing a darker cherry or dark walnut finish. Next time I’ll know. 

Here is my finished farmhouse table!


… and here it is decorated! 

Have you painted a table before? Did you have the same issues with sanding I did? Let me know!

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