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Simple Nursery Decor

I’m really excited about this post, mostly because how much money I saved! I had a vision for this design in my head, a frame around the letter “M” (my babe’s first initial) with some flower petals scattered around. Feminine and simple. I went to buy a simple unpainted wooden frame at a well known craft store, with no glass, just the frame, and they wanted $50 for it! I was shocked. That was not what I was expecting and I certainly didn’t want to pay that much.

After I gave it some thought, I decided it couldn’t be that hard to make it myself. I went to Home Depot and I found some trim to use. The trim was white already, so I was pumped I didn’t have to do any painting. It cost around a dollar a foot and I bought 15 feet to give me room for error. My frame is 2.5ft x 2ft. My husband helped a bit on this because there was a saw involved. He made 45° angle cuts using a miter saw and we glued the edges together with wood glue. Once it dried he used a nail gun to attach the pieces, but the glue would have worked by itself. I added some caulking so you couldn’t see the seams of the wood, but I was being extra particular and you could probably live without the caulking.

All I used for the frame:

  • Trim from Home Depot
  • Caulking
  • Miter saw
  • Wood glue
  • Nail gun

Since we had all the tools on hand, this only cost $15 for the frame! This was really quick to do, so hopefully if you don’t have the tools personally, a neighbor or friend might be able to help you. My husband only used the saw for five minutes. It’s a quick few cuts, and that’s it.

Important note: When building your frame, if your trim isn’t a symmetrical beveling pattern, you need to be careful how you cut it. You can’t make a cut, and use the immediate other piece as a side of the frame, the angle won’t work with the trim design. You’ll need to make another cut and throw away a little bit of the trim in between. Your piece that you throw away in between each frame side should be the shape of a trapezoid. You need to make sure that the design on the trim will line up around the whole frame.

I found the “M” and the flower petals at a craft store. I painted the “M” white using chalk paint. After, I added flower petals to it to give it a feminine vibe. I still have a lot to do in the nursery, but it’s coming together! I can’t wait to get the nursery finished and to welcome our little babe!

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