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Tuesday Tidbit: Take a chance!

Welcome to the very first Tuesday Tidbit. Published every Tuesday, a short blog post to encourage, inspire, or to simply entertain. This week is ‘Take a chance!’

This Tuesday, as the title says, I’m taking a chance and I’m encouraging you to as well. Do that thing that’s been eating at you. Why not? Life is short! Cliché of course, but where’s the comfort in this unpredictable world if we can’t all use the same overused phrases?

What’s something that you’ve wanted to do? For me, I’ve wanted to chop my hair off, but I’ve been afraid. I’m a perfectionist and terribly indecisive. (Also why it takes me FOREVER to finalize blog posts.) Cutting your hair is irreversible, and I’m terrified that I’ll hate it.

So guess what I’m doing today? At 2pm CT, I made an appointment to take a chance and cut it short! I’m doing that mom thing—chopping your hair when you have kids. Now I get it. There is no time to do your hair, I’m losing some, and your baby pulls at what’s left of it. It’s not going to be super short, I’m in a wedding next month and my cousin would kill me if it was too short to style. But I’m cutting it to a “lob”, or long bob. Wish me luck!

Ahh. I’m so nervous, but now that I’ve talked about it with you, I can’t chicken out!

I’ll post a picture later to my Instagram story for accountability!

Now it’s your turn. What are you going to take a chance on?! Tweet me and let me know!

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