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Girls’ Weekends are Mandatory

Say YASSS to a girls’ weekend the next time your friend/cousin/sister suggests it.

We had an excuse for one, my cousin is getting married, but I think that we often get caught up in our own daily lives that we forget how absolutely essential girls’ weekends can be.

We stayed in this beautiful cabin in the mountains for my cousin’s bachelorette and it was unforgettable.

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The weekend was filled with laughs, vent sessions, reminiscing, heart-to-hearts, and bonding. I got to see my two cousins that I rarely get to see and we actually had time to catch-up. I could get dressed without wondering when my baby would puke on me and ruin my outfit. I left my babe with my husband, but that meant I had to pump while I was away.

I was initially nervous to pump (I brought my Medela Hand Pump) around some of the women because I hadn’t met everyone just yet. But by the end of the weekend, I was pumping around the girls while playing games. Everyone was cheering me on. “This is how girls’ weekends should be!” someone shouted. Women are so supportive when you give them the chance.

I left the cabin feeling refreshed and ready to return to my day-to-day life. The next time someone mentions a girls’ weekend, don’t delay it, take advantage of it!


  • rebecca

    This sounds SOOO fun! I would love to do girl’s trips more often! Glad you brought your hand pump, I never left overnight during nursing because I was too nervous to pump and worried my baby wouldn’t have enough milk at home.

    • BrianaLavoie

      Thanks for reading! You definitely should, they are so worth it! You forget how fun they are until you are there. I did worry, but everything worked out! (And, I was only an hour away if my baby needed me.)

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