Tuesday Tidbit

Tuesday Tidbit: It’s okay to throw in the towel

Hey there! Welcome to the third Tuesday Tidbit. Tuesday Tidbits are short blog posts, related to my life, that I hope can entertain or inspire! Read my first and second Tuesday Tidbit posts. Here we go, week number three — knowing when it’s okay to throw in the towel.

My mom replanted the ivy from our wedding and gave it to me for my house. I killed the plant.

When I moved from NH to MN, my coworkers bought me some ‘forget me not’ flowers. I killed the plant. (My dog also knocked it over a few times, so it was doomed anyway in my defense.)

I had a bad few months and my husband bought me a flower plant in lieu of cut flowers because they die. And you guessed it, I killed the plant.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

I went to the nursery and spotted some gorgeous hydrangeas. They were blue and purple and the colors blended like watercolor paint. I had to buy the plant. I had hydrangeas at our wedding and they were too pretty to pass up. I’ve added a picture below of the beautiful hydrangeas (before their inevitable doom!)

Know your strengths, know it's okay to throw in the towel.
Beautiful Hydrangeas!

I planted it in the yard (well… technically my husband planted it.) I watered it every day just like the guy at the nursery said. I followed allllllll of the instructions he gave.

Spoiler alert. I killed the damn plant.

I’m accepting that I do not have a green thumb. I just wanted to remind you that it’s okay to give up once in a while. Planting just doesn’t work for me. Is there a hobby or activity in your life that you can’t get quite right? Don’t beat yourself up about it. When something isn’t working for you, it’s okay to throw in the towel.



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