Tuesday Tidbit

Tuesday Tidbit: Make time for yourself

Here we are again, the fourth Tuesday Tidbit. A short blog post, every Tuesday, to inspire or entertain. Read last week’s post!

I forget how valuable alone time is until I’m actually alone. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but I am with them 24/7. Even when my little girl is at daycare, my husband is a few steps away. (We both work from home. We live in MN, and you can read about our first year here in our new state.)

Here I am, typing this, actually alone. My husband is out golfing and my little babe is happily sleeping.

I’m going to end this here so I can enjoy some me-time. Don’t forget to make time for yourself.

(Important side note: I was searching for a photo for this post, so I searched “Relax” and all the photos were of people ALONE. HMMMM. I think that says it all right there.)

Enjoy your alone time!

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