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DIY Laundry Symbol Guide

Every time I do laundry, I find my self triple checking each label of my wet clothes, trying to figure out if I can throw my items in the dryer or if I have to hang them. I pull out my phone and google what each symbol means because I can never remember!

This week, I decided to make my own chart of symbols that I see frequently so I speed up my time doing laundry.

This is a pretty short DIY. The longest part for me was arranging the laundry symbols on a chart in such a way I liked for the design.

I started with the frame. I found this frame at the dollar store, and I painted it white. I wanted to keep the silver detail around the edge, so I used painters tape over the silver part. After it was painted, I moved on to the chart.

To make the chart, I found some free laundry symbols online and chose what I see frequently on my clothes. I would have loved to make this in Photoshop, but I am hesitating on subscribing to their service (because of the cost) so I downloaded this program called Gimp to create my chart. Took me a little bit longer to figure out how to use, but it was a free program, so it was worth it.

That’s it! Now I have a cute chart I can quickly glance at to reference the pesky laundry symbols. Would anyone want one of these? I am debating if I should make a un-personalized version for free general use. Let me know!



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