DIY No-sew Growth Chart

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I’m assuming that my children won’t reach 6ft. Sorry future kiddos 😉 That’s as tall as I made the growth chart for our little addition! My husband is just under 6ft, and I’m not close to 6ft, so I don’t think any of my future children will reach that height.

I can’t believe our first baby will be here in a month or so! I wanted to add this to decorate her room.

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Here’s what you need:

First, I used the Cricut Design Space to design the numbers and ruler markings for the growth chart. I’ve shared my ruler markings from the design space (for free) so you can use them! I wouldn’t change the size of the objects because they are all 1 inch apart. I did have to cut out the longer piece for the ft marking separately because I wanted to squish all the markings on to as few sheets as possible. You can choose your own numbers for your growth chart! I made mine about 4-5 inches tall.

I cut my fabric to about 6 ft 6″ long and 15″ wide. I left extra so I could fold it over, and seal the sides with the fabric glue. For the top, I made sure I only glued the edges so I would leave a gap so later I could put some string through it to hang.

Next, I ironed the fabric as best as I could before I went to iron on the letters. Normally you should wash any fabric you intend to use iron on vinyl on because you want to avoid shrinkage, but since this is only going on the wall I didn’t wash it first.

I printed all the numbers and the ruler markings to iron on the fabric. Remember to mirror your graphics when printing. The clear liner side needs to be down when placing it on the cutting mat. It doesn’t matter much for the ruler markings, but it matters for the numbers. Weed your vinyl so that you are left will only the graphics you want.

Ironing on the graphics

To iron on the graphics, I set my iron to the highest temp, and made sure the steam setting was off. I ironed the spot I was adding the image to for about 20-30 seconds to heat it up before I placed the image on the fabric. I carefully placed the piece I wanted to attach, and taped the backing down with painters tape. It didn’t stick all that well, which was good because I didn’t want it to be hard to get off.

I flipped over the fabric and also placed an old t-shirt on top as a barrier between my fabric and the iron. Then, I ironed the fabric to get the vinyl to stick. It took at least 30 seconds if not more for me to get the fabric and vinyl to stick. Be careful that you don’t over-heat or burn your project. I haven’t experienced that yet, but I felt it took longer than I expected to get the vinyl to attach to the fabric.

To hang your finished growth chart, I cut up a small piece of carboard to slide into the gap of fabric I left at the top. I pushed a string through so I could hang it on the Command hook. The cardboard ensured that it wouldn’t be flimsy when I hung it up.

Here is my finished project!

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