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10 Handy and Easy Tips to Clean your Closet

Do you need to clean your closet? I spent my entire day purging and organizing my closet. One of my favorite sweaters was missing and I was determined to find it. I thought I’d find it buried underneath a mountain of laundry. As I was organizing, I realized I should share some easy tips to clean you closet!

10 handy tips to clean your closet
10 handy tips to clean your closet
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Here are some tips to help you clean your closet:

1. If an item has lost its shape, especially if it’s something you wear to work, get rid of it. You want your coworkers and your boss to see you looking your best.

2. Does it have a stain that you can’t seem to get out? Toss it.

3. Don’t hold onto an item just because someone bought it for you. I’ve held on to a few items that I’ve never worn for YEARS. Why? I had guilt. I should have returned the shirt or donated it sooner so someone else could enjoy it.

4. If something doesn’t fit, whether it’s too small or too large, you’d be happier without it.

organized closet
organized closet

5. Save space! We don’t have a lot of shelves in our closet (besides for my shoe obsession) so I bought some hangers specifically made for pants so I could hang them instead of stacking them. I don’t know about you, but when I stack too many things in my closet it ends up making a huge mess. Check out these hangers to help clean up your closet!

6. Have some items that you are on the fence about? Put them aside, but put a sticky note on them with a deadline. If you don’t wear those clothes within a few months, get rid of them!

7. Don’t save clothes to ‘wear around the house’. You won’t wear them.

8. If you have having trouble getting rid of something because of the nostalgia? Try taking a picture of it! Or, find a picture with you wearing it. Think about your prom dress. Are you ever going to wear that thing again? (Let’s be real, does it even still fit? 🙂 )

9. How many outfits do you need to paint or do yard work in? It’s smart to save something for that purpose, but don’t continually save old clothes for the yard work you are pretending you are going to do.

10. Lastly, get rid of clothes that don’t represent who you are anymore. When I was right out of high school, I bought a lot of these club-y type dresses and outfits (because I was always at the club. Not. I’m embarrassed for my old self.) Those don’t represent my life. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a dress that short anymore! I cringe thinking about how I wore them in the past.

It felt so great to let go of all these clothes and organize my closet. But did I find my sweater? Not in my closet. I triple checked the boxes we put together for goodwill to make sure it wasn’t accidentally placed in the boxes. I found it later in a chest in our living room. Go figure.


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