My baby is one!

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Happy birthday to our little love bug!

I’m adding the finishing touches to this post and it’s currently 10:37pm on April 6, 2019. I started pushing at 11:30pm April 6, 2018 and she arrived about 2.5 hours later on April 7, 2019 . Read our birth story.

My husband and I returned from a last minute Target run about an hour ago, and I’m just sitting down after we finished putting together all her little toys. How come some of the stickers are on the toys, and then some aren’t? Toymakers, why only some of the stickers? What is the logic on this?!? A discussion for another day.

Tomorrow is her birthday, and while we got sent wonderful gifts from loved ones, we felt like there wasn’t enough things. I’m realizing that it’s not the things that are missing, it’s the love. Normally 1st birthdays are filled with love from family and friends to celebrate this monumental birthday. Tomorrow, it’ll just be us—us and my mom. My little girl won’t remember this day of course, but it’s just a solemn reminder of how far we are away from everyone.

A year already?

Photo Credit: Christa Reed Photography

365 days of being a mom. I can’t believe it’s already been a year.

Even though some days I want to pull my hair out, I truly thinks she brings out the best in me. I mean, usually.

I have this adorable, chunky-thighed, grabby little girl who is constantly watching me behind her long eyelashes. She got those from her father, of course. I need to be a good role model to her and show her how to have the confidence to take on the world.

I think I’ve figured out why people love babies so much. Well, I figured out why I love babies so much. They are unapologetically themselves! If they are curious, they investigate. If they don’t like something, they make a face. If they hear music, they dance. My baby gets DOWN in target.

They laugh if they think something is funny, and they don’t if it’s not funny. They don’t give that BS courtesy laugh that adults do. I can spot my husband’s courtesy laugh from a mile away. Usually sound doesn’t even come out. He just tilts his head back like he thought about laughing, but then forgot. (In case you are wondering, yes, he does read my blog.)

She beams when she’s proud of herself. When she was figuring out how to walk, she would squeal with joy with each step she took. She earned it! And, I was proud of her too! When I was thinking about what I’d write in this piece, this one really stuck with me. Can you imagine if we were all proud of ourselves and celebrated ourselves with this regard? I skipped my college graduation, and I’m realizing it’s because I wasn’t proud of myself. I worked pretty dang hard for that degree and I should have celebrated it! Eh, oh well. I’ll talk about that in therapy.

Photo Credit: Christa Reed Photography

Her favorites

Her favorite things are clementines, dancing (DUH), and going after things she shouldn’t (the trash, the dishwasher, the dog food, the toilet, etc.) Some days I wonder if I should let her get bored with the dishwasher just like she gets bored with every toy we buy her. She loves dad’s office, reading books, the pool at the gym, and chasing the dogs around the house. I love when her teeny hands bring me a book she wants me to read. We may not get past the third page, but she still loves to look at the pictures.

We’re excited for her next year. This little girl has our whole heart.  

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